May 19, 2021

Bridal Lace Fabric

Bridal Lace Fabric

Lace is a lightweight fabric mainly formed by twisting or looping threads. It has been aged as it is used as a decorative element in bridal attires. Bridal lace fabrics are used to design necklines, bodices, sleeves etc. to make the bridal attire look fancy. Before you jump to wedding attire shopping, learn the different types of bridal lace fabric depending upon the pattern and types of fabric used in it. These are:

1. Alencon Bridal Lace Fabric- It is known as the “Queen of Bridal Lace” as it is a needle lace and designed with a distinct floral pattern especially for the brides to make their attire gorgeous. It often comes with a lace embedded with pearls, crystals, or stones that amplify its look for a timeless sophisticated bridal look.

2. Schiffli Bridal Lace Fabric- It is a machine-made type of bridal lace fabric. It is an evolved form of hand embroidery in which the machine uses a bobbin thread and a front thread for locking the stitches that form the pattern for bridal lace.

3. Guipure Bridal Lace Fabric- This bridal lace fabric is also known as Venise lace and it lacks netting that makes it best suited for bridal attires.

4. Duchesse Bridal Lace Fabric- It is the most popular and affordable type of bridal lace fabric. It is often regarded as Brussels lace. It is designed with more open spaces which makes it the most beautiful than any other kind of laces.

5. Brussels Bridal Lace Fabric- It is the most delicate and extremely attractive type of bridal lace fabric. Its variety is not as common as other laces as it is uniquely designed and has floral features which are woven separately and then stitched all together to form a single pattern.

6. Chantilly Bridal Lace Fabric- Chantilly bridal lace is the oldest among all the bridal lace fabric and the most popular lace used on wedding dresses. Today it is made from linen but in the olden days, it is designed from silk. This handmade bridal lace fabric includes a well-defined florets pattern which creates a light and shadow effect which makes this lace a must-have choice for bridal dresses or gowns.

Bridal Lace Fabric is a way to give your wedding attire a classical touch which makes any bride stand out the prettiest from any other women. So for what are you waiting for just browse the pretty bridal lace wedding gowns for the prettiest, luxurious and stunning bridal look!